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(Warning: 37 large images, may contain Sim underbears, spooky scary medical room, and drinking.)

Here they are. Medic moved in first, so the household gets her name.

Scout skipping rope indoors, as you do.

I SWEAR THEY DIDN'T DO THIS RIGHT AWAY. This was probably the second day or so. Unfortunately, my screencap program likes to crash and not tell me about it.

Scout and Hoovy decided to play catch. Scout totally didn't fling a fastball at Hoovy. Honest!

Tabitha De Groot in the locker room. I think she turned out cute. Long dreadlocks because they came with the hat.

Dance Fortress!

Scout reeking in a llama costume. She's got a job as a sports team mascot...

Snoipah (Christine Mundy) playing darts in her yellow undies.

Hoovy's writing in her diary. Scout's trying to seduce her or something. Nah, she's just running around in her underbears.

Medic is waaay too into chess. Also, I decided to give Scout an undercut. Y/N?

Medic looks like she's striking a pose/staring into the camera, but actually her spine glitched! So she had to sit like this for a while.

Snoipah again. Snoipah has no neatness points. G'day, Snoipah!

Demo wakes up in the morning with her mind made up to day-drink. More on that later.

Medic and Scout go to their respective jobs together. I think Medic's an EMT at this point, or maybe a nurse. Scout is on some sort of sports team, I don't know. Anyway, Scout thinks going to work is the WORST THING, while Medic gazes in awe at the sky.

Write novels for glory of Motherland!

I just took this picture because her arms look uneven. I guess the left one is the one she 'bates with...

Ticklefight! In front of a dartboard, because who needs any eyes at all, really?

Adventures in Day Drinking with Demolass De Groot.

I didn't even tell her to do this...

u ok


Sniper decides to be just completely typical and argue with Medic for no reason.

Medic thinks she's happy to see her.

Alas, flatulence.

Fick, eklig!

Sniper, really?

Alone in the bathroom, Sniper accuses Medic of having cut the cheese.


"Hey, look at the updoc!" Then she throws a water balloon at her.

Oh, you.

Joy buzzer! (Sniper zapped her by shaking hands with her.)

Sniper sidles off to let Medic mop up the water balloon puddle. That is *so* not water.

Scoot crawls into bed.

And Sniper goes to play computer games in the medical room, waking up Demo, who'd decided it'd be a great idea to sleep there.

Next time, Engie moves in, pancakes, and medical shenanigans.
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